Breyton Fascinate fascinates not only because of its delicate appearance, but particularly impresses due to its comparatively light weight of just 12.5 kg for the size 10x20 inch. Using flow-forming technology during production, the rim bed is hot-rolled into its final shape by hydraulic rollers. This compression creates a very thin, and at the same time very strong rim bed. The increased strength allows for a reduction of material and thus a reduction of weight, which in turn is noticeable in the driving dynamics of Fascinate. Classic spoke design meets sporty functionality. Very narrow cross spokes, combined with a deep undercut in the rim bed, emphasize the lightness of this Breyton wheel.

In addition to Hyper Silver and Matt Black, the Fascinate is also available in Matt Gun. In sizes 19 to 22 inch, it fits on almost all current BMW vehicles, especially including higher-engine M- or SUV-models.

You can find more information on the Fascinate design and its application modes in our Wheel Collection or our application list.

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