With our Impressive, Race LS 2, and BR-I cast rims, as well as Race LS 3 flow-forming rim, we currently offer four distinct designs engineered to withstand high wheel loads, specifically for BMW SUVs and electric vehicles.
Choose from Race LS 2 and Race LS 3, featuring a multi-spoke design with specialized indentations at the end of the spokes. BR-I, on the other hand, offers a classic 10-spoke wheel with an undercut. Impressive supplements our product range for heavy loads with a distinctly filigree, concave look, available in the striking light bronze color.
All these alloy wheels combine functionality, lightness, and aesthetics, enhancing the appearance of your SUV or electric car while ensuring special driving pleasure.
Race LS 2 is available in sizes 21 and 22 inch for high wheel loads, Race LS 3 in 21 to 23 inch. BR-I comes in 20 and 21 inch, and Impressive in 21 and 22 inch for heavy loads.
Explore the possible applications for your BMW in our Wheel Collection, application list, or application overview.
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